Orff-Schulwerk Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Merkezi (Orff Merkezi Türkiye) is founded by the Austrian High School Alumni Foundation in September 2001 with the approval of Carl Orff's widow, Liesselotte Orff, and the support of Carl Off Institute Salzburg, Carl Orff Foundation Diessen (originally based in Munich), Austrian Cultural Office Istanbul.

It was formally opened on 10th February 2002, at the ALEV Schools campus by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jungmair, Austrian Consulate Mag. Franz Wechner, Austrian Culture Office Director Dr. Ulrike Outschar and Sankt Georg Austrian High School Deputy Headmaster Alexander Zabini. The opening ceremony was attended by a large group of international and Turkish guests. A message from Liselotte Orff, Carl Orff's widow, expressing her best wishes was read during the opening ceremony, as she could not attend due to illness. The guests greatly enjoyed performances of Carl Orff's compositions by various artists and a concert by ALEV School Choir. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jungmair, Müjde Gürlek, MA Katja Ojala Koçak, and Dr. Ulrike Outschar made great contributions during the founding of Orff Merkezi Türkiye. MA Katja Ojala Koçak served as the Director from its founding until 2005, when Fatoş Cümbüş Auernig was appointed as Director.

Orff Merkezi Türkiye organizes seminars, courses, workshops, and symposiums in Turkey, while also promoting similar activities taking place abroad. Since 2001 the association has published Orffinfo magazine, which promulgates the Orff-Schulwerk, and is one of the significant publications in Turkish in this field. The work of the association is monitored and approved by the Carl Orff Foundation in Germany, the Orff Institute of the Mozarteum University in Salzburg, and the Orff-Schulwerk Forum.


Courses comprise workshops and seminars offered throughout the academic year under the leadership of Orff-Schulwerk instructors resident in Turkey. These courses are one or two days long, usually taking place during the weekend, but sometimes during the week at night.

International Courses 

These courses are offered at least twice a year (usually as Autumn Course and Spring Course) for a period of two full days over the weekend and organized as two separate groups.

The courses are taught by graduates of Orff Institute of the Mozarteum University who are renowned experts in Elemental Music and Movement Education from around the world. Generally, we ensure that one of the instructors specializes in music while the other specializes in movement.

Level Course

In June 2013 the Orff Merkezi Türkiye launched Level Courses in the field of Orff-Schulwerk Elemental Music and Movement Education. The course comprises three levels taught over three years, with only one level given each year. The levels are perquisite. e.g. you have to attend the first level to be able to attend the second level course. The courses are designed to adhere to the foundational rules set out by the Orff-Schulwerk Forum in Salzburg, Austria. Additionally, conditions in the country are also taken into consideration.

The courses are organized so that instructors and attendees can stay on campus and spend time together throughout the week, beyond the scheduled hours of the course. Attendees should wear clothing suitable to the movement and dance sections of the course for its duration. We recommend that those who play musical instruments that can be carried bring them along.

At the end of each level each attendee who fulfills the minimum requirement of attendance receives a participation certificate without any degree of success.


Multiplicators Course

The aim of the seminars Level I - III was primarily the introduction to the Orff-Schulwerk, elemental music and dance education. The focus was on imparting material, getting to know the material and the various content areas of music, language and dance, methods and mediation levels, teaching techniques, vocal, instrumental as well as dancing skills and abilities. All this is borne by the concern that offers may have been internalized in reflection and consciously perceived, recognized and noted down. It was also expected that the participants deepen their skills and knowledge during the time between seminars.

In the multiplicators courses on the other hand teachers should be trained, which in turn to teach in teacher training courses, to give the participants the guidance they need to communicate to their respective target groups. This means: the teacher presents as a person “an example".

Those who complete the three-year Level Course with distinction according to the examination committee's assessment are invited to attend a further 1-1.5 year-long intensive course that will train attendees to educate adults. Throughout the course attendees will be expected to complete written and applied assignments, which will be presented and assessed with the group.

At the end of the course attendees will be required to prepare a graduation project. For the final examination, all attendees must give a 30-minute demonstration lesson to the examination committee. Each attendee must defend their graduation project to the committee and answer questions on Orff-Schulwerk, andragogy, and pedagogy.

Those who complete all these stages successfully will be awarded the title of Official Instructor by Orff-Schulwerk Eğitim ve Danışmanlık Merkezi Türkiye.



Executive Board
İbrahim Temo (President)
Coşkun İnsel (Vice President)
Arman Oymakaş
Süveyda Birışık
Orhan Özalp
Leman İşçen
Cahit Kutman
Can Berkol
Tayfun Şarlak


Referents Committee
Fatoş Cümbüş Auernig (director)
Ece Barboros
MA Tugay Başar
Nilay Beceren
Özen Çimşir
Asc. Prof. Dr. Bilgehan Eren
Sibel Erim
Onur Erol
Ayşen Eröz
Aylin İzgi
Ferda Karıkoğlu
Zeynep Melis Milli
Mehmet İlkay Nişancı
Sıtkı Sencer Özbay
Asc. Prof. Dr. Banu Özevin
Senem Özyoğurtçu
Işık Sabırlı
Hakan Sezgin
Elif Salter
Nazlı Yaprak Soysalan
Duygu Şendurur
Nazlı Taşdemir Soncul
Ezgi Tatar
Can Emre Uygan
Birgül Berna Uysal
Filiz Yaşar
Ahmet Yakup Yıldız


Academic Advisor Committee
Dr. Ulrike E. Jungmair
Asc. Prof. Dr. Bilgehan Eren